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Form 8-K Event Email Alerts

Posted on February 7th, 2016

Now you can get an email alert whenever a security you’re tracking releases a specific Form 8-K event.  Form 8-K’s are sent out by publicly traded companies within 4 days of a material events.  Events such as

  • signing a material transaction agreement
  • bankruptcies or receiverships
  • mine shutdowns or violations of mine health and safety laws
  • delisting from a stock exchange at closing
  • issuing unregistered equity shares
  • election or departure of directors and officers
  • holding a stockholder meeting to approve the transactions
  • and many more.  See the complete list at

Using WhaleWisdom’s email alert system, you can choose which events (or all events) within the 8-K you wish to receive an email on.  Just go to step 3 of the email alert form and choose 8-K as one of the form types.  Once selected you will be presented with a list of events to choose from.



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