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Marathon OIL Corp is based out of Houston. Incorporated in New Jersey, February 25, 1901 (the articles of incorporation having been amended April I, 1901), to acquire companies engaged in the steel and allied industries. Upon its formation, the corporation acquired several companies, as follows: American Bridge Co., American Sheet Steel Co., American Steel Hoop Co., American Steel & Wire Co., American Tin Plate Co., The Carnegie Co., Federal Steel Co., Lake Superior Consolidated Iron Mines, National Steel Co., National Tube Co.. Oliver Mining Co., Pittsburgh S. S. Co., Shelby Steel Tube Co. Since incorporation, at various times the corporation has acquired directly, or through its subsidiaries, either by organization, purchase or lease these companies: Aragon Iron Mines, Union Steel Co., Troy Steel Products Co., H. C. Trick Coke Co., U. S. Steel Products Co., Clairton Steel Co., Clairton By-Product Coke Co., Illinois Steel Co., Indiana Steel Co., Gary Land Co., Universal Portland Cement Co., Gary Heat, Light & Water Co., Minnesota Steel Co., National Wire Corporation, Tennessee Coal, Iron & R. R. Co., Illinois Steel Warehouse Co., Schoen Steel Wheel Co., Federal Shipbuilding Co., Chickasaw Shipbuilding & Car Co., Canadian Steel Corporation, Limited, Fairfield Steel Co., Lorain Steel Co. In October, 1906, arrangements were made to lease a large acreage of iron ore lands belonging to the Great Northern Railway Co., title to which was held by the Lake Superior Co., Limited, a subsidiary organization of the Railway Co. The properties were leased to the Great Western Mining Co., a corporation controlled by the United States Steel Corporation, which latter organization it was provided should guarantee the lease. In 1911 it was, however, decided to terminate the lease. On October 26, 1911, the Great Western Mining Co. accordingly gave notice to that effect, the relations to these properties being duly terminated Jan. i, 1915. The subsidiary companies of the corporation, above mentioned, operate 145 works, comprising various types of plants for production of all kinds of finished and unfinished steel. These works constitute 124 blast furnaces, 38 Bessemer converters, 335 open hearth furnaces, 627 rolling mills for producing rails, plates, rods, structural shapes, and other merchantable lines, 71 wire mills for producing nails, wire fencing of various kinds, springs, ropes, and other lines, 51 pipe and tube works, 18 bridge and structural plants, 51 galvanizing
and tinning plants, 5 splice and rail joint plants, 5 spike, bolt and nut plants, 4 cold rolled products plants, 21 iron, steel and brass foundries, 12 sulphate of iron plants, 5 cement plans, with an annual production of 13,500,000 barrels, 66 warehouses, 2 shipyards, comprising 18 shipways, fabricating plants and other facilities. In addition to the extensive manufacturing facilities of the subsidiary companies, they also own and operate developed iron ore properties in the Lake Superior region as well as in the Southern region. In the former region there are 106 iron ore mines, of which 48 are now inactive; in the southern region there are 18 mines, of which three are inactive and two mines leased to outside interests.
The subsidiary companies also own and lease extensive coal and coke properties. The northern coal and coke properties comprise 251,433 acres of coking coal, of which 188,209 acres are owned and 63,224 acres are leased; 123,443 acres of steam and gas coal, of which 121, 032 acres are owned and 2,411 acres leased; 94,718 acres of surface coal lands, all of which are owned. The southern coal and coke properties comprise 191,773 acres of mineral interests and surface, 143,146 acres of mineral interests only, and 14,746 acres of
surface lands only. The northern coke plants number 68, comprising 21,107 bee-hive ovens and 2,558 by-product ovens. There are also 29 coal plants not connected with coke plants. In the southern district there are 9 coal mining plants comprising 15 operating mines, producing coal for manufacture into coke and to meet the steam and gas coal requirements of the companies` plants. In connection with these operations, there are 8 coal washing plants and 7 coking plants, the latter comprising 2,974 bee-hive coke ovens. At Fairfield, Ala., there is a by-product coke plant consisting of 434 ovens. Through its subsidiary companies, the corporation has extensive transportation facilities,
both rail and water. The mileage of railroads under its control through ownership and lease is 3,775 miles, including main lines, branches, second tracks, yard tracks and sidings, as well as 317 miles operated under trackage rights. The equipment of these railroads constitutes 1,445 locomotives, 179 passenger cars, 59,218 freight train cars and 2,861 work cart. The marine equipment comprises 7 steamers in oversea trade; 78 steamers on the Great
Lakes and n steamers on the Monongahela and Ohio rivers, as well as 257 steel and wooden barges, and tug boats and other craft.
Marathon Oil Explores and produces crude oil and natural gas. Principal exploration activities are in the U.S., Norway, Equatorial Guinea, Angola and Canada. Also engages in domestic refining, marketing and transportation of crude oil and petroleum products; and is active in other energy-related businesses.
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