Streettracks Wilshire Reit Index Fund

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The DJ Wilshire REIT ETF, formerly streetTRACKS DJ Wilshire REIT ETF, is an exchange-traded index fund that is a separate portfolio of streetTRACKS(R) Series Trust, a Trust that is an "index fund" consisting of separate investment portfolios. The streetTRACKS DJ Wilshire REIT Index Fund's investment objective is to replicate as closely as possible, before expenses, the performance of the Wilshire REIT Index. INDEX DESCRIPTION: The Wilshire REIT Index is comprised of companies whose charters are the equity ownership and operation of commercial real estate and which operate under the REIT Act of 1960. The Index is composed of approximately 100 components. The Index is generally rebalanced monthly, and returns are calculated on a buy and hold basis except as necessary to reflect the occasional occurrence of Index changes in the middle of a month. Each REIT in the Index is weighted by its market capitalization. That is, each security is weighted by its market value relative to the total market values of all the securities in the Index. FUND STRATEGY: The Fund, using an "indexing" investment approach, attempts to replicate, before expenses, the performance of the Wilshire REIT Index. The Adviser seeks a correlation of 0.95 or better between the Fund's performance and the performance of the Index; a figure of 1.00 would represent perfect correlation. The Fund generally will invest in all of the REITs comprising the Index in proportion to their weightings in the Index. However, under various circumstances, it may not be possible or practicable to purchase all of those REITs in those weightings. In those circumstances, the Fund may purchase a sample of the stocks in the Index in proportions expected by the Adviser to replicate generally the performance of the Index as a whole. There may also be instances in which the Adviser may choose to overweight another stock in the Index, purchase securities not in the Index which the Adviser believes are appropriate to substitute for the Index Securities, or utilize various combinations of other available investment techniques, in seeking to track accurately the Index. In addition, from time to time stocks are added to or removed from the Index. The Fund may sell stocks that are represented in the Index, or purchase stocks that are not yet represented in the Index, in anticipation of their removal from or addition to the Index. FUND MANAGEMENT: The investment advisor of the Fund is SSgA Funds Management, Inc. The administrator and custodian of the streetTRACKS funds is State Street Bank and Trust Co. State Street Global Markets, LLC serves as the distributor for the Fund. The firm has no submitted 13F filings and does not appear to be an investment advisor.

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