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Current View: filings sent in on 04/26/2019

Schedule 13D's and 13G's (Max of 250 shown)
Event Date Filed By Subject Company Ticker Total
Reported Shares
13F Reported Shares for Q4 2018 % Ownership Previous transaction 13D Reason
04/26/2019 SC 13D/A Backtest NASPERS LTD MakeMyTrip Ltd MMYT 43,768,762 100.00% SC 13D Filing on 2017-01-31: 39,384,574 shares reported Reason
04/26/2019 SC 13G Backtest PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC Aileron Therapeutics Inc ALRN 3,582,543 12.70%
04/25/2019 SC 13G/A Backtest LYTTON LAURENCE W TRACON Pharmaceuticals Inc TCON 1,490,928 4.99% SC 13G/A Filing on 2017-12-31: 798,491 shares reported
11/30/2018 SC 13G Backtest BUCKLEY BRIAN KEITH Thunder Energies Corp TNRG 12,983,441 10.36%
12/05/2014 SC 13G Backtest WARREN DISTRIBUTION, INC. VERTEX ENERGY INC COM VTNR 2,201,287 8.70%

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