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Schedule 13D's and 13G's (Max of 250 shown)
Event Date Filed By Subject Company Ticker Total
Reported Shares
13F Reported Shares for Q4 2020 % Ownership Previous transaction 13D Reason
04/14/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest LEGION PARTNERS ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC OneSpan Inc OSPN 2,775,846 2,277,091 6.87% SC 13D/A Filing on 2021-02-25: 2,773,946 shares reported
04/12/2021 SC 13G Backtest BASSO CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P. Aldel Financial Inc ADF.U 625,000 5.19%
04/12/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest BANK OF AMERICA CORP Nuveen Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund NAD 7,995 641,424 39.22% 13F Filing on 2020-12-31: 641,424 shares reported Reason
04/09/2021 SC 13G Backtest RIDGEBACK CAPITAL INVESTMENTS L.P. Affimed N.V. AFMD 6,450,000 5.50%
04/07/2021 SC 13G Backtest SCULPTOR CAPITAL LP Panacea Acquisition Corp II PANA 800,000 5.16%
04/07/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest CHEZ RONALD L OptimizeRx Corp OPRX 737,984 4.40% SC 13D/A Filing on 2021-02-17: 858,500 shares reported
04/06/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest BLUESCAPE RILEY EXPLORATION HOLDINGS LLC Riley Exploration Permian Inc REPX 5,221,767 29.30% SC 13D Filing on 2021-02-26: 487,841 shares reported
04/05/2021 SC 13D Backtest LAW MAN SAN Ltd ADR WBAI 96,791,039 17.30% SC 13G/A Filing on 2021-03-05: 102,506,827 shares reported Reason
04/01/2021 SC 13D Backtest EIN MARK Custom Truck One Source CTOS 9,198,624 3.70% Reason
03/31/2021 SC 13G Backtest ANCIENT ART, L.P. SEMrush Holdings Inc SEMR 2,416,897 24.20%
03/31/2021 SC 13G Backtest KARPUS MANAGEMENT, INC. Priority Income Fund, 6.375% Series E Term Preferred Stock Due 12/31/2024 PRIF+E 995,900 11.89%
03/15/2021 SC 13G/A Backtest ALTRAVUE CAPITAL, LLC Northrim BanCorp, Inc. NRIM 331,193 114,243 5.06% 13F Filing on 2020-12-31: 114,243 shares reported
01/22/2021 SC 13D Backtest AFP FORTY SIX CORP. Patriot National Bancorp Inc PNBK 342,172 8.70% Reason
07/24/2020 SC 13D/A Backtest NEW ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATES 16, L.P. Genocea Biosciences Inc GNCA 15,414,495 26.30% SC 13D/A Filing on 2019-06-24: 8,968,617 shares reported Reason

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