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Schedule 13D's and 13G's (Max of 250 shown)
Event Date Filed By Subject Company Ticker Total
Reported Shares
13F Reported Shares for Q4 2020 % Ownership Previous transaction 13D Reason
05/12/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest SABA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P. Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust SBI EVF 8,043,774 8,043,774 21.20% 13F Filing on 2020-12-31: 8,043,774 shares reported Reason
05/12/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest CANAAN VIII LP Spark Networks, Inc. LOV 2,926,182 11.20% SC 13D/A Filing on 2021-04-05: 3,212,916 shares reported
05/12/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest OSMIUM PARTNERS, LLC Leaf Group Ltd LEAF 2,908,838 2,336,718 8.10% SC 13D/A Filing on 2021-04-07: 2,908,838 shares reported Reason
05/12/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest OAK INVESTMENT PARTNERS XI L P Leaf Group Ltd LEAF 3,717,674 10.30% SC 13D/A Filing on 2021-04-07: 3,717,674 shares reported Reason
05/11/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest M&M RESIDUAL, LLC Nikola Corp NKLA 119,536,292 30.40% SC 13D Filing on 2020-06-03: 131,479,243 shares reported Reason
05/05/2021 SC 13D Backtest LI XIANG Li Auto Inc. ADS LI 464,369,480 24.20% SC 13G Filing on 2020-12-31: 1,067,436,251 shares reported Reason
05/04/2021 SC 13D Backtest AULT GLOBAL HOLDINGS, INC. Friedman Industries, Inc. FRD 416,000 6.02% Reason
12/31/2020 SC 13G/A Backtest FIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL, INC. Crescent Capital BDC, Inc. CCAP 4,205,306 4,205,307 14.90% 13F Filing on 2020-09-30: 4,205,307 shares reported
12/31/2019 SC 13G/A Backtest POLAR ASSET MANAGEMENT PARTNERS INC. North Amer Construction Grp Ltd Common S NOA 4,417,418 2,314,380 11.12% 13F Filing on 2019-09-30: 536,073 shares reported

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